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Winter Eclectic Empty Winter Eclectic

Post by Davie on Mon Dec 12, 2011 7:29 am

Hopefully this will be only a temporary place until we settle into a new home, but need somewhere to record our exploits

Played my 4th round today and finally a few things clicked - tough conditions with a 2-3 club wind at times and fairways that weren't running at all. Damp air too made the course play long although there was a little help on one or two holes with generous tees - still off full whites though - no winter tees and no temp greens

I actually shot one of my best scores of the year - no competition though just a friendly 3-ball - at least I took the money

And I believe something like 7 shots off my eclectic including a par on our index 1 hole (a par 4 that I rarely reach in two even in good conditions - today was a drive, 3 wood and wedge to 4 foot and sunk the par putt)

That takes out most of my possible improvements though - I can only see another couple of shots that can be easily improved on - after that it will take some serious hard work to get down lower

EMail on the way to 1GG with scores


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Winter Eclectic Empty Re: Winter Eclectic

Post by Doc on Mon Dec 12, 2011 9:34 am

Well played Davie, that should see you climb the leader board. pirat

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